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Being Mr. Project Manager (no, just project manager)

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Yesterday I felt creative. One of my leather bags has a small tear on one side, and it was really becoming too difficult to ignore. Since I literally have never done any needlework/stitching in my life, I thought it an apt occasion to begin to try and learn. The image – to the right, here – shows how bad it looked, and for some reason I felt like it would be easy to mend. How wrong I was.

The string they use to stitch the leather together is so incredibly feeble that, when I attempted to push the needle out back through the leather hole, SNAP! Near impossible with no experience, so naturally I switched to fishing wire. Off went the string they used, and in went the clear little thread of steel. It was thin, but still a tad larger than what those holes were make for. Fortunately it was stronger than any thread I’d find and I eventually found a rhythm in stitching through three holes with a thimble, pulling the needle out with my teeth, tightening my string, and making knots to finish the job. They’re hidden here, but I took a hot metal object (some sort of tool, I really don’t know what it was to be honest), heated it up over a candle, and seared my knots so they’d look less like knots and more like tiny plastic pancakes, which is sort of what they look like now. VoilĂ ! My bag is fixed, and I am proud of myself for saving money by not getting it professionally done, but moreover I’m impressed at the work my hands can do with a little fishing line, a needle, my teeth and some fire.




Written by thearnoldkid

January 1, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Egg whites, coffee blacks

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Egg white scramble + roasted salsa, served on dry wheat toast w/ black coffee

This entry marks the beginning of the sixth blog I’ve created. That’s slightly unsettling. Thinking back though, it makes sense that I had so many outlets for my thoughts. The first two blogs – both blogspot sites – were fragmented thoughts and rants of my high school life. They were semi-public spheres, my chance to broadcast semi-private thoughts to friends. Another site was a tumblr, which of course ended up being pictures and music and re-blogging instead of actually writing. Those are all gone now. I haven’t had my own, personal-yet-still-public writing space for a while now; I’m truly excited.

Please note that this blog’s inception is timely. Twelve hours until the start of a new year, eight days before I move into a new apartment, ten days before I begin my second semester of junior year in college. The feeling in the air is change, and it’s high time that I have a medium to track it, discuss it, lament it, etc. “Change” here is used in reference to my newfound dedication to being healthy, fit, and happy(-y+ier).

There will be no more talk of “blogs”; I feel as though my history of online writing and talking about the existence of this site is awkward and inappropriate. From now on, it’ll be about whatever the hell I am doing or thinking on a given day. This means it will likely surround food, friends, fitness, and fun. (Too much alliteration? I think yes.) Happy New Year, guys! Here’s to wishing that 2012 is an improvement from 2011, and that we all survive that whole 12-12-12 thing.

Written by thearnoldkid

December 31, 2011 at 7:35 pm